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ARRL Field Day, Coming fast.

So the last week has been crazy. I decided to try some new things for field day and now I am feeling the pressure of the deadline. So as I have learned to do the hard way, It is time to reprioritize. Here is the list of done and todo.

Done so far:

  • 70cm yagi to match my current 2m yagi. Both tape Measures. Build article here.
    • 2m_70cm_Yagi_Left
  • Audio Interface so that I can use a sound card and fldigi for digital modes.
  • Install fldigi on raspberry pi connected to LCD for use on field day, (12v system)
  • Setup Rasberry Pi with Gpredict and fldigi


  • Update the frequency counter and check out my MMR-40.
  • Build a EFHW Tuner for 40m. (Don’t know about the design yet)
  • Build a satellite tracking rotator so that i can use Gpredict to work AMSAT birds.
    • build a usb<->stepper motor interface using a rotator protocol (Yaesu A,B)
  • Build a new 40 CW Transceiver.

So much left to do, such little time.