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Windows 10 and the game of waiting.

I had a Windows 8 pc which I recently updated to Windows 10. I am not a Windows fan by any means. I prefer to use Linux or Mac(Unix). However, after my Linux SDD stopped working I put my HDD with Windows 8 back in the PC and carried on. I almost installed linux on Windows 8, but thought I would give Windows 10 a try.
What I have found so far is that Windows 10 is like a MS version of Mac. Similar system search concept. But as with all things windows, drivers aren’t there yet.

Let me clarify that. I have drivers for all of my PC hardware. Those are working fine. But I also do MSP430 development on that box. So I downloaded the latest windows version of TI Code Composer Studio and installed it. I then connected my MPS430G Launchpad only to find that CCS couldn’t find the debugger. The serial port enumerates just fine, but the FET is completely missing. So I searched the forums a little and concluded that I was going to just have to wait until CCS and Windows could work it out.
So here I am waiting.


Field Day 2016 – Family over fun.

It was a very hot weekend in the south this Field Day. While I had plans to make field day a great deal of of fun for myself and my two sons, thingsĀ don’t always work out the way we would like.
I had a business trip the week before and I barely made it home before midnight on Friday. Worn down and exhausted I crashed, only to awake to a child screaming as my son’s ears were hurting. Turns out he developed swimmers ear. So we spent the Saturday taking care of him. So needless to say we didn’t make it to field day, and being exhausted myself, I crashed early Saturday night. Sunday, was a lazy one. Everyone slept late, which never happens at my house. Before I knew it, Sunday was over.

I say this to remind myself that this is only a hobby. It is something to be done for fun when one has time. I was getting stressed about having everything ready for field day this year. I am glad to have more time to polish my morse code skills and to make QSO at something slower than break neck speeds. Sometimes we have to stop and take a moment to realize that, in this fast paced life we only get one chance to do some things. I get one shot at raising my kids, but there will always be another field day.

See you on the air next field day. 73s