Windows 10 and the game of waiting.

I had a Windows 8 pc which I recently updated to Windows 10. I am not a Windows fan by any means. I prefer to use Linux or Mac(Unix). However, after my Linux SDD stopped working I put my HDD with Windows 8 back in the PC and carried on. I almost installed linux on Windows 8, but thought I would give Windows 10 a try.
What I have found so far is that Windows 10 is like a MS version of Mac. Similar system search concept. But as with all things windows, drivers aren’t there yet.

Let me clarify that. I have drivers for all of my PC hardware. Those are working fine. But I also do MSP430 development on that box. So I downloaded the latest windows version of TI Code Composer Studio and installed it. I then connected my MPS430G Launchpad only to find that CCS couldn’t find the debugger. The serial port enumerates just fine, but the FET is completely missing. So I searched the forums a little and concluded that I was going to just have to wait until CCS and Windows could work it out.
So here I am waiting.


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