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MSP430 replacement of the FreqMite.

I love the idea of the Freqmite. It is currently being sold on 4 States QRP website for $22 a piece isn’t that bad.

But I want something a little different. Something like this.

  1. If this is the only function that the device is doing then it should only be active when I hit the spot button. Otherwise I want the MCU in deep sleep where it is drawing micro-amps. It doesn’t seem like much, but if your receiver is pulling 20-30ma, you then why pull power for a feature you aren’t using.
  2. Why not couple this with a keyer. Then you would have a built in keyer, that also tells you what the frequency is. Now how handy would that be.
  3. The keyer should have a ptt output. So I can key the transmitter, like in the Rockless Rockmite.
  4. The keyer should also have a side tone output. Maybe even configurable.
  5. Part component cost to be under $15.
  6. The code should be open sourced on GitHub so that anyone can download it or modify it to suit their needs.

I think this is going to have to be a future project.

I used to have debuggers to several chip vendors and I got rid of everything but my Segger J-Link. While working on some other projects, you hear about shortly, I have decided that I will only use ARM chips from now on. So this project won’t be done using an MSP430.


Learning CW

So, I decided that I want to learn CW. After  a frustrating false start, I started using Learning CW Online.
Now I may be a special case. I have read many articles where people have learned morse code at slower speeds and had major difficulty in working at higher speeds. In order to prevent this, I started listening to the code at a speed that each character made a sound, rather than a series of dits and dahs. For me that was 30 words per minute. I also wanted to have instant recall of the code that I was hearing. In order to do that I decided that I needed to drill using the “Morse Machine” on the lcwo website. It wasn’t easy, I added maybe one character per week. Which to some seems slow, but I didn’t want to add another character until I had instant recall of the newly added character. It seems to be working. I am 21 characters in to the 40 character list on the Morse Machine. I have almost instance access to the characters when listening the morse code at 15wpm. This seems to be working for me, maybe it will work for you.